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How to Profit Using Datamine Network - Strategy #1

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

A lot of people in the crypto space are here to make a profit. To help people better understand Datamine Network, I'll be releasing several different strategies for making a profit within the Datamine ecosystem. I'll also be assuming you have a Metamask wallet with some ETH already in your wallet.


Strategy #1 - Lock DAM to Mint FLUX

The first strategy is by far the simplest. This strategy is simply locking your DAM tokens on the dashboard to mint FLUX tokens. Links to Uniswap are on the Datamine dashboard.

Step 1: Where to Buy DAM tokens

Step 2: How to lock you DAM to start your FLUX mint

  • The Enable button will now be replaced by Start Mint. Click Start Mint and allocate the number of DAM tokens you want to power your mint. Note: Once you start your mint those tokens are sent to the smart contract and will not be liquid in your wallet

Step 3: Minting your FLUX

  • After 28 days, you'll receive a 3x multiplier and can now mint your FLUX note: you can mint your FLUX at any given time, but its best to wait for the free reward for simply holding for 28 days

  • After you mint your FLUX you can now sell it on Uniswap.


This strategy is pretty straight forward. Lock DAM, mint and sell FLUX over and over for profit. Once DAM is locked in, it will continue to generate FLUX tokens after minting. If you wish to add more DAM to your locked amount, you will need to unlock and then relock your DAM. This will cause your time bonus to restart and have to wait another 28 days for the 3x bonus.

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