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How to Profit Using Datamine Network - Strategy #3

This strategy is by far the longest to accomplish, but yields the highest returns. This is the same as strategy #2, but instead of burning FLUX here and there, you burn for a 10x burn bonus at your break-even point. After locking in your DAM tokens, adjust the forecast calculator burn rate to a 10x bonus. Then change the target date so that the amount to burn equals the amount of FLUX to mint.

1. Start with the same strategy at #2.

2. Wait 28 days to maximize time bonus.

3. Click forecasting calculator

4. Slide Burn Bonus Multiplier to 10x bonus.

3. Set Forecasted To date until the amount of FLUX to burn equals amount of FLUX that will be minted. This is your break-even date.

4. On break-even date, buy FLUX, burn FLUX, and mint FLUX.

5. Sell FLUX for no profit or loss, but a 10x bonus.

By waiting for the 10x burn bonus break-even point, you are maximizing your entire FLUX minting. Every amount of FLUX minted will have gained the 3x time bonus as well as the 10x burn bonus for a combined 30x bonus. By doing this you will also globally reduce all other validators burn bonus.

After minting, you will retain your burn amount for all future mints as well and will be able mint for profit each time. Effectively, you may also wish to wait longer than your break-even point and burn at a later date to be able to take profits at the same time.

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