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Datamine Global

A community-driven solution to volatility and inflation.

Datamine's Ecosystem


A fixed supply token comparable to digital gold



Decentralized currency for L1

abr png.png


The decentralized currency for L2 Arbitrum


Lock DAM to mint FLUX. Lock FLUX to Mint ARBIFLUX.

The Power of Datamine

Scarcity Pricing

A low volatility asset for managing risks in crypto denominated portfolios

Scarcity pricing constrains supply  and prevents unbound inflation leading to large-scale depreciation 


Completely decentralized, market-controlled APY. No centralized treasury.


About Datamine Global


Datamine Global was founded by passionate community members of the Datamine ecosystem. After witnessing the flaws of fiat currencies and traditional tokenomics, we recognize the need for a decentralized currency controlled by the free market. We have come together to prove the validity behind Datamine and help onboard new users to this ecosystem


Our vision for Datamine Global is to be the backbone of the Datamine ecosystem. With educational articles and technical breakdowns of the smart contract and tokenomics. We are here to close the knowledge gap surrounding inflation, currencies, and tokenomics. Through education, we hope to attract developers and new validators to help rethink traditional central bank-based and fiat currency-centered global financial


The Problem with Inflation

There is a growing consensus among investors and academics that monetary policy is political not technical, further eroding credibility of world’s central banks as neutral and unbiased guardians of global economy [14].


Recent developments in blockchain technology have enabled the alternative decentralized finance (DeFi) model based on secure distributed ledgers in which variety of crypto assets circulate.


The DeFi system substitutes for banks and other centralized financial institutions in managing money, financial products, and financial services.

The Solution


The Datamine algorithm does not result in a stablecoin.


Instead, in line with the modern portfolio theory, it’s main purpose is to reduce the risk of holding a digital asset portfolio by combining instruments whose returns are correlated but exhibit different degrees of volatility.

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